What are the expressive arts?

What are the expressive arts?
Mandala created by a student in Amy's
Expressive Art & Writing Workshop
A holistic therapeutic process in which creative exercises are used to express emotions and feelings through an inner dialogue of the heart (right side of brain) and mind (left side of brain). The process uses imagery, sound, movement, and writing to access and release emotions while guiding you toward a calmer, more peaceful and productive perspective. The expressive arts can help you find answers to personal questions, conflicts, and uncertainties by bypassing the cognitive mind’s critical judgment and focusing on what your inner essence is telling you. Expressing feelings and emotions through creative arts has been proven to boost the immune system by releasing blocked energy, and thus facilitate healing.

This gentle process can also unlock writer's and artist's block and boost your confidence in expressing yourself verbally and/or visually.

Amy offers ongoing expressive art and writing workshops. Please fill out contact info with questions, preferences for session dates and times, and if you'd like to be notified about new workshops.

"The workshop was beyond my expectations because it gave me control of the outcome and I was never pressured to share my innermost, private thoughts and feelings. It was personally rewarding, eye opening, and linked me to my subconscious desire to change for the better. I liked each thought provoking, illuminating exercise. Participants "did their own thing" and simultaneously were a part of the "whole." Overall, I became an artist creating for my own enjoyment in my own style. In other words...everything was perfect. How refreshing. Amy, thank you for opening new vistas in self-realization and giving me the freedom to run with it. "

-- Carolyn O’Connor