Editing Services

Whatever writing project you're working on, Amy can help you clearly articulate your thoughts into words.

Amy was the editor of an award-winning weekly newspaper's art section and currently freelance edits and proofreads book manuscripts—both fiction and non-fiction—individual stories, and articles for print and online publication.

Whether you're looking for an agent, publisher, or are going the self-publishing route, you want to present your most professional, polished work possible.

Amy can provide proofreading, basic to heavy copy editing, developmental editing, and she can also co-write an entire manuscript.

For more information, rates, and references, please fill out the form on my contact page.

"I recently wrote a grant proposal for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition THRIVE Powerhouse Grant, supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation. The week before I submitted the proposal, I was looking for a skilled and experienced editor available on short notice. I found that person in Amy J. Barry. Her skills include an eye for detail, in-depth knowledge of style and structure. And she met my deadline. Amy added to the flow of the text while acting as a copy editor and proofreader. She was instrumental in my being awarded the grant! Working with her is a joy."

-- Shelby Head Tulsa Artist Fellow and recipient of 2022 Thrive! Grants Program www.shelbyhead.com