What is your aim?

What is your aim?
Credit: Kate Eisemann Pictures
To publish an article or a full-length novel?

To hire an editor who can make your writing the very best it can be?

To more clearly communicate the philosophy and benefits of your business or non-profit?

To take an expressive writing workshop in order to jumpstart or move along a writing project?

To experience the research-proven healing properties of writing and drawing from the right side of the brain?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, you've come to the "write" place!
Amy J. Barry, award-winning writer, seasoned editor, and certified expressive arts facilitator can help you on your journey.

"Picture peering through a peephole in a door that magnifies, but only lets you get a small glimpse of an object in a hallway...that's how I felt starting the workshop with Amy. You realize there is an entire building of creativity that is just beyond your reach until the door opens. Amy lifts her hand and unlocks the door slowly, unfolding personal expression you never imagined. She opens the door, pushing gently with her fingers as the class progresses. Little surprises using art and words, poetry and color, widen your eyes and the hallway starts to come into view.... BUT you are not even out the door yet—this is just the beginning. Ms. Barry has much more in her hand besides the key to the door."

-- Jennifer Walker