Writing & Editing Services

John Adinolfi

Amy provided access to a complete process for writing, editing, and completing my work. Her workshop gave me the techniques I needed to kickstart my writing. Then, I worked with Amy one-on-one to identify and fix holes and inconsistencies in my plots, rework awkward phrasing, and tighten up my stories overall. And finally, Amy encouraged me to submit my writing to potential publishers. I’ve since had two short stories accepted for publication, and am confident of more to come.

K.A. Perry, author of The Green Beach File (Permuted Press, 2020)

Amy’s perceptive nature, knowledge, and insight really improved what was a very rough draft into a charming and popular mystery novel. She helped synthesize my lengthy sentences to create a more readable and enjoyable book.

Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, author and illustrator of 28 Children’s Picture Books

Dare I say everyone benefits from another EYE on their writing? I know it takes courage to seek it!
Raise your hand if you want a strong, skilled, caring EYE to bring a fresh perspective and clarity to improve your work!

Raise your hand if you are open to constructive, honest, respectful, encouraging feedback.
I am! I wouldn’t be where I am today without it! And I am so grateful to Amy for she has been that kind of EYE for me for both my professional and personal writing!

Shelby Head, Tulsa Artist Fellow and recipient of 2022 Thrive! Grants Program www.shelbyhead.com

I recently wrote a grant proposal for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition THRIVE Powerhouse Grant, supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation. The week before I submitted the proposal, I was looking for a skilled and experienced editor available on short notice. I found that person in Amy J. Barry. Her skills include an eye for detail, in-depth knowledge of style and structure. And she met my deadline. Amy added to the flow of the text while acting as a copy editor and proofreader. She was instrumental in my being awarded the grant! Working with her is a joy.

Robert W H Wilkins "Woody" - Executive Director of Dances With Wood www.danceswithwood.org

I have worked with Amy for over 10 years on my program brochures and materials, book projects, and fundraising appeals. She is a detailed editor with a keen eye for dots in the right place, correct tenses, and all those essential editing qualities. However, she is so much more than a copy editor. Amy has a deep sensitivity to words and their inflections and meanings. Add to this her grasp of
landscape and the overriding purpose and intention of what she edits. I have worked with a number of editors over the last 20 years. I can honestly say, if you want your work to be the best it can be, choose to work with Amy because she is the best!

Expressive Art & Writing

Carolyn O’Connor

The workshop was beyond my expectations because it gave me control of the outcome and I was never pressured to share my innermost, private thoughts and feelings. It was personally rewarding, eye opening, and linked me to my subconscious desire to change for the better. I liked each thought provoking, illuminating exercise. Participants "did their own thing" and simultaneously were a part of the "whole." Overall, I became an artist creating for my own enjoyment in my own style. In other words...everything was perfect. How refreshing. Amy, thank you for opening new vistas in self-realization and giving me the freedom to run with it.

Jennifer Walker

Picture peering through a peephole in a door that magnifies, but only lets you get a small glimpse of an object in a hallway...that's how I felt starting the workshop with Amy. You realize there is an entire building of creativity that is just beyond your reach until the door opens. Amy lifts her hand and unlocks the door slowly, unfolding personal expression you never imagined. She opens the door, pushing gently with her fingers as the class progresses. Little surprises using art and words, poetry and color, widen your eyes and the hallway starts to come into view.... BUT you are not even out the door yet—this is just the beginning. Ms. Barry has much more in her hand besides the key to the door.

Kate Summerlin

I really enjoy Amy's workshops. The tips and assignments she provides each week are both stimulating and provocative. They really, really inspire me to write and think about my writing.

Mary Russo

I enjoyed all the prompts, visuals, poems and direction you offered us…When I sat to journal this morning, I found myself, different! I began to look over the poem I wrote (in response to the “Forest Bathing” prompt). It was a joyful childhood memory. This brought me joy because it meant I had passed over a bump in my road because of your inspiring guidance. Thank YOU again for your willingness to help and encourage all of us who attended your workshop.

Joanna Baymiller

As a lifelong writer, I’ve always valued honest feedback. In Amy’s writing groups, I benefit from her highly attuned listening skills. She asks great questions and clarifies, always with a focus on the text. The in-class writing exercises, using prompts, are great for overcoming blank page syndrome. Adrenaline over procrastination! Over several classes, I’ve benefited by exercising my writing ‘muscles’ with Amy’s trained ear and thoughtful and precise comments. Additionally, members of her workshops are also writers with various talented voices, and that has made it a comfortable and worthwhile learning experience for me each time I take this journey.

Rayzl Feuer - Spiritual Counselor

Amy creates a safe and loving environment so that all present can explore their own inner space and then are encouraged to share personal insights with one another. I have had the privilege to attend several of Amy’s workshops and each time she provides new and interesting prompts to gently open my imagination so that I can discover anew who I am and how I think.

Sue Griffin

I loved the workshop and the whole experience for so many reasons. It was a treat I gave myself and it was worth every penny. It definitely helped me in ways I didn't anticipate. I feel so much better physically and mentally than I did when I started the class. Wow. As for the biggest victory and thrill of it: I've never publicly shared any of my writing like I did in this class. It enhanced my usually absent reserve of courage at putting myself out there. I also enjoyed the things that others wrote and shared with the group.