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“I Can Breathe,” Jan.16, 2023 on Unlimited Literature website:
"Pocketbook," featured on pg. 80 of Other Worldly Women Press' "Winter 2020 Anthology: Healing Felines and Femmes." The poem is from a compilation of connected verse about a daughter's journey through her parent’s final years. The Anthology is available for purchase in softcover at
In July '21, Amy was the featured weekly poet on the Other Worldly Women Press website where three of her pandemic/racial justice-themed poems appeared: "Mask Up, We're Going Out," "Uncaged Musings," and "Colorblind.
"Oxymorons" was featured in "Corona Global Lockdown," an international hardcover anthology published by Poet's Choice in July '21. Amy’s entry was selected among 143 submissions by poets from around the world. Purchases fuel Poet’s Choice initiatives of donating free copies of the book to the nonprofit Little Free Libraries across the globe, in order to build stronger communities, improve literacy, and offer book-sharing boxes to communities with limited access to books. $22.50 plus shipping, softcover. Order at

A Sampling of Feature Stories

A Storied History: Take Some Time to "Check Out" The Institute Library

Published: Autumn 2018
By Amy J. Barry
Seasons of NEW HAVEN

Alumnus rallies heroes around the world

Published: 6/9/2020
By Amy J. Barry
Central State University

CCSU team digs deeper into Hartford’s history

Published: Fall 2019
By Amy J. Barry

For Mya Gray, art imitates life

Published: 5/18/2021
By Amy J. Barry
Central State University

Liberty Community Services: Helping those in Need Feel at Home

Published: March/April 2018
By Amy J. Barry
Seasons of NEW HAVEN

Music Haven Tunes into New Haven's Neediest Kids

Published: Jan/Feb 2018
By Amy J. Barry
Seasons of NEW HAVEN