What is your aim?

What is your aim?
Credit: Kate Eisemann Pictures
To publish an article or a full-length novel?

To hire an editor who can make your writing the very best it can be?

To more clearly communicate the philosophy and benefits of your business or non-profit?

To take an expressive writing workshop in order to jumpstart or move along a writing project?

To experience the research-proven healing properties of writing and drawing from the right side of the brain?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, you've come to the "write" place!
Amy J. Barry, award-winning writer, seasoned editor, and certified expressive arts facilitator can help you on your journey.

"The workshop was beyond my expectations because it gave me control of the outcome and I was never pressured to share my innermost, private thoughts and feelings. It was personally rewarding, eye opening, and linked me to my subconscious desire to change for the better. I liked each thought provoking, illuminating exercise. Participants "did their own thing" and simultaneously were a part of the "whole." Overall, I became an artist creating for my own enjoyment in my own style. In other words...everything was perfect. How refreshing. Amy, thank you for opening new vistas in self-realization and giving me the freedom to run with it. "

-- Carolyn O’Connor